What is a chemical skin peel, how does it work and is it right for your skin?

One of the most honest skincare treatments is a chemical peel.  If you want to enhance your bodies natural way of renewal by shedding old cells to make place for new cells, then peels are for you.


Chemical peels are one of the most common treatments for correcting skin and achieving visible results.

Different chemical peels have their own properties, but generally, chemical peel acids penetrate the skin and break the bonds between the layers of skin, so the top layers will start peeling off.  The depth that a peel will peel is determined by the type of peel, its concentration and the exact chemical composition.  Your skincare therapist will first do an assessment for your individual skin and then discuss with you the type of peels recommended for you.


Lifecycles are very important for our bodies.  It is important for skin cells to drop off and make space for new cells, just as it is important for us to live a healthy life.  (Cancer is a prime example of what happens when cells don’t die when they are supposed to).  Every 30 days we shed skin so that our skin can be completely renewed.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and this process allows your skin to keep impurities out of your body.


Every minute of the day your skin faces pollutants, chemicals, ultra violet rays, temperature and climate changes as well as potential infections.  As we get older the renewal process slows down and has an effect on our skins.  Wrinkles, lines, sagging, hyper-pigmentation as well as acne will have to be corrected timeously and effectively.


It is estimated that we have around 1,6 trillion skin cells and we shed around a million a day.

Lamelle Peels Can Only Be Used by Accredited Lamelle Therapist, Lamelle Specialist Or Aesthetic Medical Doctor.


Lactic Acid

Lacti-firm 30/10

If you are looking for a treatment to Prevent Ageing, then Lacti-firm 30/10 is the correct protocol to used for you.  It is a light superficial chemical exfoliation agent which provides skin firming and tightening through a unque combination of Lactic acid and DMAE. It also helps improve the hydration of the skin.


Lacti-firm 90/10

When your skin lacks revitalization and there are signs of photageing then we need to use the Lacti-firm 90/10 for the Age Correct protocol.


Glycolic Acid

Alpha Peel 20

This product is used in the treatment of Skin Textural irregularity, poor skin complexion, epidermal hyperpigmentation and to improve the appearance of fine lines and enhance skincare product penetration.  It will not cause visible peeling in most cases and skin shedding will be accelerated but not severe enough to cause social downtime.


Alpha Peel 30

This product is only indicated after a client has tolerated the alpha peel 20 for 5 minutes and will cause minimal peeling in some cases.  Skin shedding will be accelerated but not severe enough to cause social downtime.


Salicylic Acid

Beta Peel

The key ingredient of the beta peel range is salicylic acid which has been placed in a self-neutralising base. The beta peel range is designed to create peeling of the skin and is focused on the treatment of Pigmentation irregularities which include solar pigmentation, melasma and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation conditions.


Beta Plus

This range contains varying concentrations of salicylic acid in a slow penetration, non-self-neutralising peel. This range is indicated for Oily skin congestion and Acneic conditions.  The salicylic acid is lipid soluble and is therefore less irritating and may not cause visible peeling.


TCA 10% / 15%

This is a professional product which is used in Lamelle Pigmentation professional protocols.  It is a superficial chemical exfoliation for clients that require more aggressive peels and have been prepared for physical peeling of the skin.



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