Setting the standard in cosmetic dermatology

Intrinsic and Extrinsic are two different classifications for skin ageing. Intrinsic being our genes and extrinsic caused by external factors such as smoking, wind, heat, pollution and ultra violet rays having the most harmful effect.  Growth Factors are needed to speed up the repair and help the skin to return to a more youthful complexion in a short period of time.

  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Daily Cellular Repair Cream
  • Ultra Moisturising Renewal Cream
  • Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30
  • Eye Regeneration Plus Cream
  • Ageing Renewal Neck Serum
  • Intense Cellular Regeneration Serum


Advance Pigmentation Solutions

A dark, blotchy skin tone is hyperpigmentation.  An excess of melanin is formed in the skin as a form of protection. Epidermal hyperpigmentation is superficial and can be treated with cosmeceutical products with active ingredients for de-pigmentation.  Dermal hyperpigmentation is in the deeper layers of the skin and needs to be treated with chemical peels or microneedling.  Sun damage is a very common trigger of hyperpigmentation.  Melasma or Chloasma is hyperpigmentation triggered by hormonal changes. Any form of trauma caused to the skin such as acne can cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  • Brightening Cleanse
  • Brighter Day
  • Evening Glow
  • Brightening Defence


Complete Solution to clear skin

85 – 100% of people are effected by acne at some stage in their lives.  Hormones can cause over production of sebum in the skin.  Blocked follicles are caused when there is insufficient shedding of exfoliating dead skin cells.  There is an increase of bacteria and inflammation extends into lower layers of the skin causing an acne lesion.

  • Active Cleanse
  • Corrective AM
  • Corrective PM Plus
  • Active Control
  • Acnevelle


Most Comprehensive DNA Repair and Protect System

At the moment of birth, gradual changes in the structure and function of the skin begins.  The first signs of premature ageing is noted from as early as 18 years old.  Fine lines, poor texture and photo-ageing can be corrected with the revolutionary solutions of Nourish for repairing DNA damage.

  • Daily Cleanse
  • Revitalise Cream
  • Revitalise Lite
  • Revitalise Eye
  • Rescue Repair Gel
  • Multi Active Sun SPF 30


Innovative Lipid replacement therapy

A functional skin barrier is essential to protect our skin from the harsh environment and also to trap water in the skin which is essential for a normal skin and body function.  Multiple layers of cells trapped in lipid form an adequate barrier.  If these cells are disrupted, excess water will escape from the skin causing dryness and roughness leaving you with a tight feeling.  Atopic dermatitis is the primary trigger that results in dryness and sensitivity.

  • Cleansing Gel
  • Restore Cream
  • Soothing Cream
  • Recovery Mask


Repair the years of skin damage

Moisturisers contain a whole lot of ingredients to fulfil various functions in skin and a Corrective contains only that specific active ingredient and therefore is a boosting agent.

Cathepzyme helps with the process of shedding and restoring skin cells.

Recharge CE Complex is for ageing of the skin which helps with wrinkles, thinning, discolouration and progressive sagging.

RA Cream is indicated for the preparation of remodeling and restoring photo-damaged and intrinsically aged skin which is used as a nightly application.

Hydrating HA Serum Plus contains high concentrations of HAFi fragments which attract water and active cell metabolism within the skin.

Brighter Concentrate inhibits 8 paths in the melanin production pathway and is significantly more potent than Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Beta-arbutin.

Ovelle D3 is the answer to premature ageing as a daily supplement and contains the most powerful oral anti-oxidant available – Pycnogenol.  It is a patented all natural plant extract derived from the bark of the French Maritime Pine Tree.