Pregnancy Skincare

It all started 19 years ago with our Tummy Rub Oil.  Maternity is where we learned everything we know about building your skin’s strength and elasticity.  After all, pregnancy is the biggest challenge your skin will ever face and, believe us, if we can help you with a 30 inch stretch in 40 weeks, cellulite and excess wobble are a doddle.

Mama Mio Pregnancy Prescription

A Two-step process of pregnancy skincare

Step one         Stretch Mark Protection Tummy Rub (Butter or Oil) Twice Daily

Step Two        Bust Protection to stop the sag Boob Tube Once Daily

All our high performance skincare products are safe and recommended for use during pregnancy and nursing.  In case you are already stricken with stretch marks, rest assured that Goodbye Stretch Marks is also safe to use when pregnant or nursing.  If you suffer from heavy and swollen legs, do try Lucky Legs too.

Tummy Rub Oil or Tummy Rub Butter

Rich in Omegas, it is 100% moisture and natural goodness.  Your thirsty skin immediately soaks it up, leaving it super soft with a protective sheen.  After 20 years of trials, we know that this is the best stretch mark protection we can make.  Once you try it, you will understand why it deserves all the awards.

High performance repair – stretch mark and scars

Goodbye Stretch Marks

Zap stretch marks.  Our radically effective ingredients are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by over 70%.  We have made what we believe the best stretch mark minimizing product.  Whether your stretch marks are new or old, whether they came from pregnancy, teenage growth, weight gain or cosmetic surgery, you will see a difference.

See-No-Scar Solution

Zap scars.  Abracadabra – our magic word to surgical scars. Whether it is from a c-section, appendix or cosmetic surgery, if your scar is surgical, help is at hand.  Our See-No-Scar Solution will help magic away the reminders of any serious scars and help your body heal with its high percentage of the two key ingredients – Dimethicone and Vitamin E.

Pregnancy Massages

Mellow Mama

A complete body massage using specific pre-natal techniques to help relax, increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce excess water retention, focusing on the specific muscles that are responsible for supporting the pregnant tummy.

Lighten Up

A warm, fragrant mineral salt foot wrap to energise, reduce swelling and stimulate circulation.  Includes a gentle hand, lower leg and foot massage, which really help with circulation for the foot and lower leg.

The Smoothie

Rejuvenate your skin and clear your mind in preparation for your pending arrival.  The Mama Mio Smoothie will exfoliate your skin oh so gently (but effectively) followed by the most moisturizing massage to hydrate and elasticize your skin.  A luxurious scalp massage will sweep away your stress, leaving you with skin to rival your baby’s bottom.

The Yummy Tummy

This combination treatment begins with an application of Gravida Pulse Point Oil and gentle skin brushing to increase circulation, gently exfoliate and improve the tonicity of the skin.  A concentrated serum and treatment mask will be applied to soothe and hydrate the abdomen.  Enjoy a scalp; face and upper body massage which is sheer heaven for pregnancy related headaches, aches, pains and generally tight and knotted shoulders and backs! Meanwhile the intensive Tummy Stretch-ease. 

Serum and mask take effect.