Bio Sculpture Gel

Founded in 1988, this 'Everlasting Manicure' has been tried and tested as a world leader in gel systems. As far as we know this Gel nail care system offers technicians and clients a complete range of gel products that vary from a very flexible to a rock hard solid finish.

Bio Sculpture Gel doesn't chip or wear away at the free edge and leaves the nails shiny, flexible and protected for a neat well groomed appearance.

With gel ranging to over a 150 colors with matching nail varnishes and a complete spa range, the Bio Sculpture system has your needs in mind. 


Price List for Bio Sculpture Gel services:

File & Paint    R70.00
Gel Overlay - Clear or Colour  R200.00
Gel Overlay - French  R220.00
Gel Overlay - with Silk  R290.00
Gel Overlay - with Tips  R340.00
Gel Sculptured Tips Overlay  R370.00
Lavender Base Treatment (1/2 gel) and a 5ml Lavendar Base  R180.00
Gel Toes  R160.00
Free Hand, glitter, gems, stripes per nail  varies from R6.00 to R15.00 per nail
Nail Repair  R35.00
Non-Bio product removal/ Soak off with Mini Manicure  R150.00
Soak Off - only Bio product  R70.00

Mini Manicure 
- with Nail Varnish  R100.00
- with Gel overlay R290.00

De Lux Manicure
- with Nail Varnish R180.00
With Gel Overlay R350.00

Mini Pedicure
- with Nail Varnish  R120.00
- with Gel Toes  R250.00

De Lux Pedicure
- with Nail Varnish  R220.00
- with Gel Toes  R330.00

Add ons:
Medi-Pedi (chemical peel for feet only)  R180.00
Paraffin Dip  R80.00